Bully Proof

martial arts and self-defense classes

Our martial arts and self-defense classes will equip our local youth with the self-confidence and self-discipline to stand up to any school bully or bullies. Our age appropriate programs teach fighting and defense skills that will enable our students to fend off an attack, but maintain the discipline to be in complete control. Our classes are great for bullies and for the bullied. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches specific techniques that allow a smaller or weaker person to have the advantage over larger or stronger opponents. It also teaches to have respect for our opponents, humility and controlled defensive and offensive behavior.


These Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) techniques and Pankration techniques are also very good for women and girls of all ages, and teach them how to defeat bullies or other aggressors. The self-defense skills learned in the study and practice of martial arts can help you fend off most any bullying or threatening situation. We teach skills that enable smaller or weaker folks to overcome aggressors and fight off an attack from much larger or even multiple attackers.


Riverside Submission’s Martial Arts classes empower our children with self-defense skills and knowledge that promote self-confidence, dignity and humility. Our Pankration and Jiu-Jitsu instruction will also help with agility, coordination, flexibility and focus. This is also a great workout for conditioning, building strength and endurance!

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